Catlin  Austin Smith, R.Ac 


I was first introduced to acupuncture when a neck injury threatened to postpone a trip to Cuba . It was three days prior to our flight and I was unable to move my head in any direction!... My partner suggested I give acupuncture a try and despite my life long phobia of needles I reluctantly booked an appointment. At the end of the treatment I booked in for two more session...the next day and the day after that! By treatment two I was fixed and was feeling vacation ready. On my third visit the day prior to my vacation my acupuncturist told me that she would be "working on my organs".... I had no clue what she really meant by that, though she had gained my complete trust with how quickly she was able to fix my neck problem. 


The vacation was great, I was feeling great and the neck pain was a distant memory. I continued to see my acupuncturist for a few years regularly as I always felt great after I would see her. The more I went the more I became curious about how acupuncture works. 

Finally during one treatment after asking many questions to my acupuncturist ,they said "if you want to know, you need to go study it."


...Flash forward a couple of years and I decided to make a huge change in my life. I was going to go back to school and study Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

I had a great experience in school, the two and a half years of study went by like a flash. Today I feel even more excited about Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture than when I started my program.

The commitment I can give to my patients is that I will continue to work hard every day to deliver the best experience, a safe and comfortable treatment space and desired treatment outcomes. 

If you have any questions, please reach out! 

Catlin Austin Smith R.Ac








Member of the Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Association of Canada (CMAAC) Member# 2106